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Game update - 2.2.0 - 7/2017

Game update - 2.2.0 - 7/2017

All of these patches applied!

Added lottery system!
Added /givenearweapon.
Added "Clear All Wanted-Stars" in /cshop.
Added /addnos for Silver VIPs.
Added /apark to park players vehicles.
Added /asetvcolor and referred to /achangevcolor.
Added /bf and referred to /bruteforce.
Added /changeclanname(/changecname) command.
Added /changeclantag command and referred to /setclantag.
Added /clearmyscreen and referred to /clearmychat.
Added mission for FBI class!
Added /cookieshop and referred to /cshop.
Added /cr and referred to /p (cops radio).
Added /createpickup and /destroypickup commands.
Added /dice with LOCAL results.
Added /faq and referred to /help. (Temporary)
Added /fixsound and /fixaudio commands and referred to /stopsound.
Added /flipcoin with radius LOCAL.
Added /gethinfo and referred to /gethouseinfo.
Added /getid and referred to /id.
Added /getpclaninfo and referred to /pclaninfo.
Added /getppacketlost command for everyone.
Added /getppl command and referred to /getppacketlost.
Added /god and referred to /aduty.
Added 10 score limit for new players to talk. (include /pm, /l /p /c...)
Added /gotoh and referred to /gotohouse.
Added /gotoveh and /gotovehicle and referred to /gotov.
Added /katyusha for VIPs.
Added /leaveevent command and its hint for events.
Added /medic command to call online-paramedics.
Added /movehouse for +Head admins.
Added /myachievements and referred to /achievements.
Added stats for Duel Arena.
Added /mycoins command and refered to /coins.
Added /myvehs and referred to /myvehicles.
Added /options command and its dialog to use all server options.
Added /placec4 command and referd to /usec4.
Added /prisoners and referred to /jaillist.
Added /reports(/lastreports) command for admins.
Added /savedata and referred to /savestats.
Added /scanclasses for rank +2 Admins.
Added /setclantag for +R4 Admins.
Added /setmydata and /savemystats and referred to /savestats.
Added /setoffpm(/setofflinepm) command for admins
Added /setpname and referred to /changepname.
Added /settings command and its dialog to change all account/character settings.
Added /setvcolor and /colorcar and referred to /vcolor.
Added /setweaponskill command.
Added /staffwarn to /acmds list.
Added /suicide command and referred to /kill.
Added /testanimation for developer.
Added DDC mission for Police!
Added /time and /date commands and referred to /today.
Added /togglebailoffer command.
Added /togglehitsound, /toggletime, /togglehints commands.
Added /togglevipcolor(/vipcolor) and /changevcolor(/vcolor) commands.
Added /topplayers and refered to /top.
Added /tow for Tractor vehicle.
Added /vehcmds and referred to /vcmds.
Added /vipcmds and referred to /viphelp. (Need content for /viphelp)
Added 1 more guard NPC at Airport.
Added 1 more worker NPC at Courier HQ.
Added account ban for /rangeipban.
Added achievement message in local channel.
Added ALL SA-MP animation libraries.
Added Ammunition Transfer mission for Military!
Added anti-flood for login/registration.
Added auto-ban for client crashers.
Added class Id and mission Id for NPCs.
Added cookie as reward for every 1H playing.
Added dialog-hacking detector.
Added Drivers HQ in /teleport.
Added dynamic wage system for Courier job.
Added fake-killing rule in /rules.
Added many new vehicles for Paramedics.
Added mapicon for Missions.
Added missing rewards for some missions.
Added mission commands in /commands.
Added mission text-draws for ALL missions.
Added missions list in class selection.
Added MP5 for IA class.
Added new duel Arena: Tower.
Added new map for Hospital #2.
Added new rule #19 in /rules.
Added new vehicles in Dealership.
Added notification to assocate Email in player's account.
Added official logo.
Added Paramedic mission records.
Added /uph and referred to /upgradehouse.
Added Patrol mission for FBI!
Added prison records text-draw.
Added sound for missions phases.
Added sound for server notifications.
Added staff-warns in /set.
Added stats text-draw for Courier.
Added surrend pickup around SS HQ and Military Base.
Added new map for Drivers HQ.
Added too many public vehicles in SF.
Added total created clans stats.
Added total fishing done stats.
Added vehicle name text-draw.
Changed Sprint and MMB keys to /arrest /robstore.
Changed action/notification sounds.
Changed drop-off point to arrest cuffed Criminals automatically.
Changed emergency medic point to pickup.
Changed hitmarker text-draw font.
Changed max XP to 500,000. (Beta)
Changed permission for spawn-in-house to VIPs.
Changed too many locations for money-bag.
Changed  vehicles color for Courier and Trucker mission.
Changed vehicles plate to C#(Class) and P#(Player).
Changed vehicles plates.
Corrected contents in Help -> Role.
Corrected many dialog titles.
Corrected names and colors in /pc command.
Corrected rules in /arules.
Corrected some achievements.
Corrected some commands in /acmds.
Corrected some commands messages.
Corrected some staff commands and their permissions.
Corrected some titles in /stats. (Minor)
Corrected vehicle names to their original names.
Disabled Chat and most of commands while Dead or Not spawned.
Enabled DriveBy for passenger. (With valid GTA weapons)
Increased /reports logs up to 10 reports.
Increased Fighting-Style prices.
Reduced /breakcuffs CD to 15 sec.
Reduced memory usage.
Removed RPG from /duel.
Removed /hitmarker command. (It's now display perm.)
Removed /resethouse command.
Removed ALL food machines.
Removed detained criminals stats.
Removed Dodo from Courier Mission.
Removed Minigun from /giveweapon and /giveallweapon. (Blacklisted)
Removed old robbery progressbar.
Removed on-duty state from many admins commands.
Removed server MOTDs.
Removed Sweeper mission.
Removed Terrorist's bombs when getting arrested.
Removed tied players stats.
Removed timers for /taze /arrest /cuff!
Renamed /createwo, /destroywo and /destroyallwo.
Renamed /forkliftdriver to /fldriver.
Renamed /playercoins to /getpcoins.
Renamed /playerrole to /getprole.
Renamed explosive to bomb.
Renamed Forklifting to Forklifter.
Updated backups.
Fixed "Stuntplane" and "Firetruck-LA" and "AT400" vehicle names.
Fixed 'wasted' bug. (?)
Fixed /aduty when used in-vehicle.
Fixed /checkhh bugs. (Minor)
Fixed /emp bugs.
Fixed /offrangeipban and /rangeipban commands.
Fixed /scanpings command.
Fixed /vcolor command.
Fixed minor bug in Role selection.
Fixed minor bug with /glasses on some skins.
Fixed minor bug with Cigaret and Sniper Rifle.
Fixed earning free XP by using /usec4 in jail without any prisoner. (Beta)
Fixed few GTA mapping bugs.
Fixed general commands in /cmds.
Fixed kills in /achievements.
Fixed LoS for some 3DTextLables.
Fixed many bugs in missions.
Fixed memory leaks which cause lag.
Fixed minor bug in /backup.
Fixed minor bug in /ban. (On duplicated entry)
Fixed minor bug in /detain.
Fixed minor bugs in House's Title.
Fixed Police spawn.
Fixed prison bugs.
Fixed radio problems when TP ing or leaving the vehicle.
Fixed some bugs in jail-blow.
Fixed some bugs with /payrandom and /acceptheal.
Fixed some map-icon bugs.
Fixed nitestick hack detection.
Fixed some text-draw bugs for new joined players.
Fixed tunnel and jail arena mapping bugs.
Fixed vehicle-heal display.
Fixed vehicle-health display.
Fixed wanted-level for on-duty admins.
Fixed weapon bug in /duel and /acceptduel.(Temporary)
Fixed/Improved /medic.
Fixed alot of minor bugs.
Improved /checkhh command.
Improved /createclan against invalid names.
Improved /emp for innocent civilians with robbers. (Beta)
Improved /forcecoptutorial command.
Improved /gethouseinfo. (Minor)
Improved /housesforsale mechanism.
Improved /inventory command and Added missing items.
Improved /myrole command.
Improved /spec command.
Improved /stats.
Improved /upgradehouse and its dialogs.
Improved /upgradehouse dialogs.
Improved bank/ATM dialogs.
Improved class selection and its Text-draws.
Improved class system.
Improved Courier missions/job.
Improved Driver mission.
Improved faction detection mechanism. (Minor)
Improved list dialogs to tab/header based list.
Improved login mechanism. (Minor)
Improved login/logout speed.
Improved money-bag system.
Improved money-bag system.
Improved NPC system, now they can arrest.
Improved Paramedic /mission.
Improved player-spawn speed.
Improved role mechanism. (Minor)
Improved role system! (mMjor)
Improved siren system.
Improved all text-draws.
Improved Trucker Mission.
Improved vehicle component system!
Improved vehicle locate and house search.
Improved gamemode performance.

Thanks for your reports and feedback!  Heart
Have fun
FFS stop Lying!

Gj Yousha!
Being inactive doesn’t mean that I’m away.

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(29-06-2017, 08:42 PM)Yousha Wrote:
Removed timers for /taze /arrest /cuff!

hahahaha i love you yousha Big Grin
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Slip And U Will Get Caught


gj Yousha but when im geting killed im always bugged and it say busted and i can't write i can't do nothing idk if is my connection because i had 0.00pl and 50-60ping

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GOODJOB man keep going...

Removed ALL food machines.
hihihih lol man
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@Yousha what abt /trade?
btw gj Big Grin
A ja bih samo ti radio to, bebo
Skinuo sve s tebe, pa bacio na pod, bebo
Dao bih ti sve sto nije on, bebo
Pravu kraljicu bih vratio na tron, bebo

GG dude.. Good Job
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hacker not fair

Joking nice work

nice !!
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Make Peace With Your Past SO IT Wont Screw UP The Present

Uhm, the trade beta version,PS needs to be tested by Dev
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