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Important News! Announced for 2019!

Greetings to BlCnR members!
As required, as asked, as supplicated by many players, by some staff members. Managment team decided to unban players who were banned (aimbot, evade, rule breaking, and similar mistakes.) excluding Server Advertisers. Everyone waits for New Year and something new in it! A little suprise for banned players. We're giving them chance to play again in BloodLine CnR. We also request following stuff. If unbanned by New Year offer, players must follow all rules, resepect all players, report all suspected players. 
Which means no more insult toleration, no more hacking toleration. Hacking related to boost player stats such as aimbot, health hack, no recoil, no reload. If jailed, and relased keeps doing same mistake, banned. If using destruction hacks like troll, air-break, flying, speed hack. Banned for 1 month, unbanned if confessed and apologized, if kept hacking, perm ban, no discussion.
Playing in advertised servers will not get you banned, don't worry. But it takes penalization on your account stats (score, money, house, xp, etc.). We don't recommend you to do it.
Player has right to pick one nickname, and has right to change it only once. Without any expenses.
Banned player may request unban by making unban appeal here.
If you have question about something not mentioned, you may ask in reply.

BlCnR staff wish you a lot of succes, health, happiness, love and fun at sever in New 2019. Year.
[Image: pouldab5841.png]

Removal from staff blacklist? @TheBarBie @ShooTerZ

So you will unban me ??

and me ?!!

(30-12-2018, 06:06 PM)Striker. Wrote: and me ?!!

wot the fk
all will be unbanned
dont need a fking ask

Happy New year and ty for unban all players.

Make unban appeal and you will be unbanned.
[Image: XFfJbC1.png]

(30-12-2018, 08:08 PM)TheBarBie Wrote: Make unban appeal and you will be unbanned.

If I make unban appeal , I will be unbanned ??!

(30-12-2018, 10:06 PM)Striker. Wrote:
(30-12-2018, 08:08 PM)TheBarBie Wrote: Make unban appeal and you will be unbanned.

If I make unban appeal , I will be unbanned ??!

Yes, when an admin see your unban appeal you will be unbanned

Lel they can't even believe it now

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