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First impressions

1.What were your first impressions on the server?
2.What were your first impressions on me??
Forum is getting boring so lets talk
A ja bih samo ti radio to, bebo
Skinuo sve s tebe, pa bacio na pod, bebo
Dao bih ti sve sto nije on, bebo
Pravu kraljicu bih vratio na tron, bebo

My first impression on Server was like a noob came out of no where Big Grin (COP)
I can't answer 2nd one i know u very well Tongue
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First impression on the server: I knew I was gonna stay here for or long time.

First impression on you: Our first conversation was not that good, as you banned me wrongfully & I thought you're an abuser. Later on, I found out you're very helpful, active and one of the best staff members. We became close friends too which is something great!
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First impression on the server: damn these guys are so rude, they keep keeling me (ill have my revenge)
first impression on you: hmm thought u will try to kill me but found out ur a good friend and helpful
Hey you reading this, you are the greatest mistake .
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