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Game update - 2.17.0 - 2/2019

[Image: logo-develop.png]
Game update - 2.17.0 - 2/2019

Added /inv aliase command for /inventory.
Added anti SA system. (Beta)
Added auto-kick for speed hacking.
Added anti adv-system on PM system.
Added fee to PB based on weapon.
Added many motor-bikes in LV.
Added armour to PB.
Changed /warn command to kick player instead of ban.
Renamed /setxmas command to /togglexmas.
Fixed minor bug in house zones.
Fixed minor bug in /giveallweapon.
Fixed many GTA mapping bugs.
Fixed a minor bug in /robvault.
Fixed minor bug in /unban command.
Updated database backups.
Updated forum's banner.
Upgraded server plugins.
Improved game/database connection.

Forum cleanup has concluded, database optimized and old caches purged!
FFS stop Lying!

nice bro
[Image: giphy.gif]
Mess with the best, die like the rest.


pro at job
[Image: a3701b0f45a212534e088825c55415ca.png]

good job keep it up
[Image: Qjz6hLO.gif]

good work bro
[Image: 2ue4ayq.jpg]

Well done, gotta check the new game update asap!
[Image: 2czwldh.png]

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