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Poll: Remove her?
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1 33.33%
2 66.67%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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Remove EnchantreSS from staff?

Vote in the poll, feel free to reply and everything. Don't take it as hate, just every one knows she is inactive. I also don't want to start a war or anything. I do these things because every servers staff members should be active, caring and so on

SubZero wants to know your location Big Grin

Born to break Keyboards not Hearts

[Image: vy3vo7.jpg]

EchantreSS is server founder, like SubZero.
[Image: pouldab5841.png]

Stop trying to catch the lights pls non care about what you’re tryin’ to do (:
Being inactive doesn’t mean that I’m away.

[Image: bgwowh.jpg]

non of your business
[Image: Qjz6hLO.gif]

We are not supposed to do that. Even subzero don't have that power lol
[Image: XFfJbC1.png]

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