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Game update - 1.9.1 - 2-2017

Game update - 1.9.1 - 02-2017

Added duel system! (Beta)
Added/Mapped parking for SS!
Added many vehicles for SS.
Added /aarmor command and referred to /aarmour.
Added /addclanmember command for +Head admins.
Added /addptext and /removeptext command.
Added /bruteforce and /emp for SS !
Added /dc for /d and /hc for /h and /ac for /a commands.
Added /dsay command.
Added /duelcmds command.
Added /eventrules command. (Requires content)
Added /forceoffduty command.
Added /get for R2 admins.
Added /offrangeipban command.
Added /reloadlog command. (Reloads server_log.txt)
Added /removeneons command for +Head Admins.
Added /resetpwarns command.
Added /s command to chat with ALL staff members. (For staff)
Added /sendcash command and refered to /sendmoney.
Added /staffwarn command to use on staff members. (3 warns = auto-kick from staff team)
Added /togglehints command.
Added /toggletime command to hide/show Time text-draw.
Added /toys for Bronze VIPs.
Added 9 NPCs/actors.
Added ALL Bronze VIP features for non-donator Bronze VIPs.
Added better error logger.
Added class system for staff. (Staff classes: Admin, Moderator, Helper, Developer, BTer...)
Added co-leader and /addclancoleader for clan system.
Added cookies in /set command.
Added cop bribe. (In SFPD parking)
Added drop-off for SS.
Added hint for vehicle upgrades.
Added Hint message for tow truck.
Added jail arena for duel. (Mapped)
Added log for developer commands.
Added log for helper commands.
Added missing /removespawn command in /housecmds.
Added more civilian vehicles/bikes.
Added off-road rims to ALL Cops cars.
Added option surrend to cops. (In SFPD)
Added Pause/Resume state for players.
Added restricted names in /createclan.
Added some new skins.
Added Sunglasses(black) toy as gift for active robbers/cops!
Added timer in commands to prevent flood, spam and hard keybind.
Added total bans in player's account.
Added tunnel arena for duel. (Mapped)
Added Uranus car in dealership.
Updated server plugins.
Changed "STAFF" text color to light-green.
*** Changed CIA class to IA (Intelligence Agency). ***
Changed default state of cigaret-toy to ON.
Changed duel reward to 1 XP.
Changed scam limit rule to $1M.
Changed skin 46 SS to skin 127.
Changed wanted-level for killing civilians to 5.
Changed wanted-level for killing cops to 6.
Corrected ALL [SERVER] messages.
Corrected color of messages.
Corrected commands in /viphelp.
Corrected moneybag coordinates.
Corrected some messages.
Corrected some rewards in /vipfeatures command.
Increased minimum(base) jail time to 1 minute.
Increased object creation capacity.
Increased physical size of drop-off checkpoints.
Removed /data command. (Use /stats instead)
Removed many unused codes. (Improves performance)
Renamed /avheal to /setvhp.
Renamed /clearalog to /clearslog.
Renamed /hbring to /hget.
Renamed /houseinfo command to /gethouseinfo.
Renamed /resetiks to /resetinkills.
Renamed Escapists Guide to Escapists Kit.
Fixed /aarmour command.
Fixed /aresetskin command.
Fixed /changepass and /achangepass commands? (IDK)
Fixed /joinbaseball weapon-hacking bug.
Fixed /playerrole command.
Fixed /togglehitsound command.
Fixed bugs in enter/exit checkpoints, include electro-shop.
Fixed bugs in VIP system and /makevip command.
Fixed change skin stuck bugs.
Fixed some CIA team-killing bugs.
Fixed anti armor-hack system. ( Finally neutral )
Fixed Forklifting damage bug.
Fixed glass event objects.
Fixed house finding bugs.
Fixed interior Id of ALL SF objects. (Exterior)
Fixed jail time when player is AFK/alt-tab.
Fixed jail-blow bugs.
Fixed jail-escape bugs.
Fixed jail-time and punishment for killing players in jail.
Fixed minor bug in /giveweapon command.
Fixed neon bug with bikes.
Fixed Neon bugs.
Fixed number format bugs.
Fixed pickup bugs when spec'ing players.
Fixed played-hours when player is AFK/alt-tab.
Fixed player markers(Radar) in bank and PD.
Fixed player role name bugs.
Fixed PM block status.
Fixed security bugs in registration/login system!
Fixed some player color issues.
Fixed some vehicles position.
Fixed store robbery bugs.
Fixed text-labels on player.
Fixed too many GTA mapping/texture bugs.
Fixed too many minor bugs in commands.
Fixed using command while in death state.
Fixed vehicle dealership problems.
Fixed wanted-level problem in /kill command.
Fixed/Improved too many commads!
Improved /ans command.
Improved /changepname for invalid names.
Improved /freeze /unfreeze /slap /bigslap against s0beit. (Thanks to those banned fools)
Improved /hgoto command.
Improved /joinglass command.
Improved /scanpings command. (Minor)
Improved /set command.
Improved /setint command.
Improved /setskin and /vipskin commands.
Improved /stats command. (Minor)
Improved /today command. (Minor)
Improved ALL clan commands.
Improved anti fake-kill system.
Improved anti speed-hack mechanism.
Improved clan join mechanism.
Improved COURIER job.
Improved date/time internals.
Improved log system.
Improved loops and Fixed %20 of lags!
Improved message sending mechanism.
Improved neon system. (Minor)
Improved notification(yellow) messages.
Improved OnPlayerDeath mechanism.
Improved Paramedic's HQ.
Improved password validations.
Improved player damage take/give mechanism. (Minor)
Improved robbery mechanism.
Improved vehicle speed monitor.
Improved wanted-level mechanism. (Minor)
Improved gamemode performance by %20!

Thanks for your feedbacks

Good Work m8 !
Being inactive doesn’t mean that I’m away.

[Image: bgwowh.jpg]

great job! Smile
[Image: 694fce74154d1b08449a09bb007adfd6.png]

instagram: dinnito and dinche21
snapchat: dinche21

Dudeeee we love youuuuuu, great work, keep it going you are the best!

good job

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thank you yousha awesome ≪333
[Image: Qjz6hLO.gif]

Great as usual
[Image: noworc.gif]

@Yousha, what is that /changeptext for?
By the way awesome work!!
Keep it up dude!!
[Image: XFfJbC1.png]

/changeptext? there is NOT any such command...

(15-02-2017, 09:55 AM)Yousha Wrote: /changeptext? there is NOT any such command...
Sorry..  /addptext
[Image: XFfJbC1.png]

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